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CES 2021 Gives General Motors An Opportunity To Drop Teasers

CES 2021 went completely digital this year due to the pandemic. General Motors used the event as an incredible opportunity to drop several teasers for its future. The keynote of the firm announced several other ventures and concepts. 

The multinational company specializes in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing vehicles and their parts. General Motors announced the following unveilings:

Cadillac eVTOL At CES 2021:

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An air taxi is what the CES events are known for. Though far away from fruition even today, the company unveiled its personal air taxi. The cab would be electric and autonomous. eVTOL stands for electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle. 

Cadillac Halo & Cadillac Celestiq Electric Sedan: 

CES 2021 also introduced the Cadillac Halo. It will be a self-driving pod. One of the two transport vehicles for the future by Cadillac, it is meant to transport people luxuriously. It fits multiple persons at once. 

The Celestiq is the fanciest of the four-door vehicles said to be created by the corporate giant. It is an all-wheel-drive and four-wheel steering. The dashboard of the car is as long as its width. The glass roofs are off the charts since every passenger can adjust the light peeking through. 

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With General Motors’ new Hummer EV, the company has teased the first SUV by Corvette by allegedly having the brand’s headlights. BrightDrop EV600 is a concept of the electric van. It can cover more than 170 miles within an hour. It may debut later this year. 

Closing the CES 2021, the final, BrightDrop EP1 is a vehicle with electric pads. It is meant to cover shorter distances in travel. The speed of the car can vary and go up to 3mph, or even match any other person walking with it. FedEx tested out the vehicle for General Motors. 

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