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LG Rollable Smartphone Might Be One Of The First Smartphones To Come Out This Year

The President of LG Electronics teased viewers at the CES that the LG Rollable might come in early this year. And CES has been the place for quite a few vaporware demos- and this seems to be the case with the rollable prototype that LG has teased. While it was thought that LG would definitely be bringing out its rollable phones in the next couple of years, the company’s President mentioned that it might be coming in this year leading to quite an exciting humdrum throughout the conference. 

The Features of The LG Rollable

The concept of a rollable phone has been teased by both TCL and Oppo, but the LG Rollable might just be the first in the market. The design is simple- it looks like a paper scroll where the users would have to pull apart both the halves to see the screen. And incidentally, this screen will be hidden inside the phone body. The conference saw LG teasing just ten seconds of the new design- something that both TCL and Oppo talked about. But in the case of LG, it seems to be a possibility.

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From what could be understood, the LG Rollable has a display that is connected at the bottom of the device, but then it comes out through the top half and goes back into the phone. When the top half is pulled, it pulls in more of the display screen. While most of us are quite used to phones with rigid, hard-backed skins, this new development seems to be interesting on its own. In the LG Rollable, you will find the rigidity coming out through the mechanism that helps the screen ‘roll’. 

The only thing missing from the teaser is that the company showed a simulated screen of the LG Rollable, instead of a real screen. Nonetheless, the screen appeared pretty clear, without any glares or differences in contrast. 


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