Christina Ricci Praised Hollywood For Growing After She Almost Got Sued For A Sex Scene

Christina Ricci

The star of Yellowjackets, Christina Ricci was all praises for Hollywood in her recent interview despite the showbiz threatening her with legal actions for her sex scene earlier. According to Christina Ricci there is a change in the positive direction in Hollywood from where it stood when she was still a debutant in the business.

With an exclusive interview with The View, the Yellowjackets star said that she was getting threats of getting sued for she did some modifications in a sex scene earlier in her career. She said that someone threatened her to a lawsuit as she did not wanted to appear in an adult scene in a certain way. Ricci added that it pleases her how the showbiz has changed since.

Christina Ricci has also praised how they protect the actors on the sets now. She said that the older ladies talks about this change every time they meet. She said that it feels great t see that the actors nowadays don’t have to cross the paths they had to cross in the beginning of their careers.

Christina Ricci Is Happy With Bollywood:

Christina Ricci also said that nowadays, actors can set a boundary for themselves which were not allowed back in her day. The actress who has also played an important role in The Wednesday, has talked about raising her children with the same goal in mind. She said that her husband is a feminist and her son will see that and his working mother growing up. So it will leave a better impact on the child.

Christina Ricci also said that her son probably will see ladies in a complicated and layered way as he sees his mother doing a lot of things everyday.