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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Clubhouse App: The Social App That Elon Musk Uses?

Clubhouse is a social media application that is a fusion of sorts. It is a radio hosting application but is also used for conferences, but also has features of the HouseParty app. The audio-chat based social network is a hybrid of sorts. It is pretty close to what a conference is. One can listen to people they like or follow, like a podcast, but here, it will be live and a little more exclusive. And it has an invite-only feature that has been gaining a lot of attention. 

It is not like every other social networking application. It cannot just be found anywhere on app stores and downloaded, and have accounts. It is an exclusive-only app. So one needs invitations to join the application from an already existing member. Otherwise, there are no chances of seeing the light inside that world. Virtual elitism, some may call it. Joining the network, you get options to choose your interests. These could be business, books, tech, and health. The more one reveals their information and interests; Clubhouse opens more podcasts and chatrooms to the user. 

How To Get An Invite For Clubhouse? 

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When someone in Clubhouse sends an invite to someone, it is only then someone can get to open an account on the social platform. The invite-only comes in the form of a text message. It will be a link that opens up into a sign-up page. But this, too, is limited. The invites cannot just be sent to anyone. The existing subscribers have only 2 such invites in the beginning. 

Clubhouse’s main goal for the year is to finish the beta stage, and so they will open the application to the entire world. Back in May last year, it only had $100 million in worth. But only had 1500 subscribers. Elon Musk recently gained widespread attention for the app when one of his interviews was hosted on the application. 

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