High Profile Co-Founder Of Ethereum Quits Crypto Due To Safety Concerns!


High profile co-founder of Ethereum, Anthony Iorio has declared that he will be exiting the industry of cryptocurrency, The co-founder of Ethereum has provided personal safety reasons for this early exit from the industry of cryptocurrency. 

Ethereum Co-Founder Will Not Be Accepting Any Crypto Payment For His Firm!

 According to the report of Bloomberg on Saturday, Anthony wants to sell his firm related to digital assets, Decentral. He also wants to sever all his ties with other crypto projects that he is presently involved with. He also added that he is not feeling safe due to his elevated and famous profile inside the cryptocurrency industry. Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, has a background in web development. He is among the 8 co-founders that began collaborating in 2014 on ETH.

In 2016, Di Iorio, the Canadian entrepreneur, now 48 years old, founded Decentral, his blockchain company that manages multi-platform wallets regarding cryptocurrency, Jaxx Liberty. Jaxx Liberty has over one million users. Since 2017, a security team has followed Di Iorio, co-founder of Ethereum, everywhere he went. In 2018, his total estimated worth was $1 Bn according to Forbes. 

In 2018, Di Iorio came into the news once again for buying the biggest Condo across Canada having a worth of around $22M. He used cryptocurrency to pay for the condo. Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, is now looking to sell his firm for over a hundred million. He also added that he will be only accepting either equity or cash for settlement. He will not be considering those offers that are made in crypto. The entrepreneur explained that it is not in his best interests right now to be investing in startups related to blockchain moving forward.