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Stimulus Check Online Demand Now Crosses 2.6M

The online petition that was founded in order to pace their demands for another round of the stimulus checks reached a total of over 3 million approvals. The figure behind the petition is Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner from the state of Colorado. It began in the year 2020. The statement given in the petition, mentions the numerical figure demanded by the people on the basis of age. It demands 2000 USD be given to adults and 1000 USD to be provided to the eligible kids of the country. The petition also demands the checks be provided until the pandemic comes to an end.

Stimulus Check For Saving Lives 

The online petition mentions that if the payments are not made then all the self-employed, laid-off, and furloughed workers will have a very hard time meeting their basic needs like food and rent. Stephanie Bonin has claimed that stimulus checks should specifically be provided to those Americans who are having a very hard time looking after their kids. Not only that but she also provided for a change in the system that would help the common citizens in times of need.

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The Colorado-based activist stated that there must be a system in which the stimulus checks will automatically be delivered to the people during critical situations. She urged the US Congress to activate this kind of system. The reason for this was because she was tired of waiting for the decision of the government to take helpful action. The stimulus check petition gathered enough support for it to be recognized as one of the top 10 petitions for bringing about a change in 2020. A few lawmakers are constantly placing their demands for another few rounds of checks to be provided to the people. However, President Joe Biden seems to be reluctant to do so.

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