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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Assistant Coach Suspended By Trinity Christian Over A Post On Social Media

One assistant coach of football was suspended by Trinity Christian after one racially charged post on social media incited violence against the white folks in the mob scene of Wednesday at the Capitol. The school’s coach posted on Instagram stating that he is ready for seeing some white dead bodies, he encourages people to start taking lives by shooting at them. He also said that if black people were there in their position, then they would have gotten absolutely slaughtered by then. There was a second post that said that he is not being racist because he has friends of many different ethnicities.

He showed all of them an equal amount of love however, the world doesn’t work that way. He asks the people that if they decide to react they should fire quickly and fire at each race equally. All these remarks made people angry on social media and they demanded Trinity Christian for holding this coach accountable regarding his remarks.

Head Of Trinity Christian Academy Deeply Troubled With The Whole Incident

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David Welling, head of Trinity Christian said through a message that the school won’t be tolerating this behavior and would look for suspending this coach moving forward. Welling stated that late in that afternoon, a post on social media made by the assistant coach came to the attention of Trinity Christian Academy. They responded immediately while wanting to maintain transparency regarding the steps needed to be taken.

The school’s integrity and their student’s well-being is of the highest significance to them. He expressed how deeply troubled they all are due to the comments on social sites by this assistant coach. The comments on the social site however are incapable of reflecting the values upheld at their school. Due to the ending of the season and the coach having no responsibilities lately, the school decided to immediately suspend him.

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