Coinbase Has Announced A Break Of Four Weeks

coinbase CEO

Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the country, has given its employees a single week off every quarter this year. The reasoning behind it has been to allow them to recharge after long days and long weeks of grilling and intense work.

In a blog post on Monday, the chief police officer of the crypto exchange, L.J. Brock stated that almost the entire company will be shutting down for four separate weeks this year- which would form a part of an experiment in allowing workers to recuperate after their intensive workloads are complete. 

Coinbase Will Be Giving Four Weeks Off To Employees

Brock further stated that the employees of Coinbase aren’t necessarily limited to the forty-hour workweeks that other companies impose, and may have to pivot at the drop of a hat- which seemingly creates the potential of burnout.

He said that the previous year had seen many employees not taking enough time off to recharge- simply because they didn’t want to force their partners and team members to cover for them or simply because they didn’t want to fall behind on the work that was being done. He also mentioned that the entire project was completely unsustainable, so they had scheduled a recharge week at the end of 2020- and two recharging weeks in 2021, when the entire company would be shutting down. 

The official announcement from Coinbase came as many workers in the country have been pushing against the highly unfavorable job conditions, which has often resulted in careers being changed or quitting without a definitive plan of action- something that has been called the Great Resignation. 

When the pandemic began, Coinbase had altered its policy which allowed most of the employees to work remotely from their homes, with Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the crypto exchange stating that the company would continue to develop this option even when the restrictions were over.