First COLA To Be Received By SSI Beneficiaries This Week

stimulus checks

SSI recipients (Supplemental Security Income) are going to get their first-ever stimulus checks. In addition, they are also going to receive their 2023 COLA (cost of living adjustment) the increased amount by 8.7% this week itself. This stimulus check with COLA increase is the second payment to be received by the SSI beneficiaries owing to reason that they also got another relief payment towards the beginning of this month, December 2022. This is raising several questions that why the SSI recipients are receiving 2 stimulus checks in a span of one month. 

Additional Payments For SSI People With COLA 

In case SSI citizens are confused regarding their stimulus checks and COLA benefits, they can easily check their account of Social Security. The message center in that portal will clarify all their doubts since it has all the details about their COLA boosted amount. 

In addition, the last date to make an account was 15th November which indicates that the beneficiaries must expect their mail within this very week. SSI payments are always delivered at the beginning of every month so their next payment will arrive in 2023 January. 

Queries And Doubts Regarding SSI Recipients 

The COLA amount will be received within 30th December and in case of holidays, the payment might be delayed. The January checks will be delivered later because there are a few holidays in the beginning and the checks will be sent on the first business day. 

Other information regarding Disability Insurance for Social Security and another payment timeline will be found on the account itself. In addition, the deductibles as well as the Medicare premium amount for the next year of 2023 will be informed through the Social Security account. Larger payments are good news for SSI beneficiaries this holiday season.