Constance Wu Alleges That The Producer Of “Straight Off The Boat” Assaulted Her Sexually

Constance Wu

Constance Wu, a former cast member of the ABC comedy “Fresh Off the Boat,” alleges in her upcoming biography that she had been sexually assaulted by a senior leader of the cast and crew.

The 40-year-old actress in “Making a Scene” simply uses the crew member’s initials, reported the New York Times.

Constance Wu further claims that the guy displayed domineering traits during the first season of the programme in 2015, including “demands her passing all the business affairs through him and directing her what else to dress,” according to the Times.

My first Television series was ‘Fresh Off the Boat,’ Constance Wu said to the magazine that this society was thrust upon her. Her parents are not employed in this field. People also assumed that she understood how Much everything that she was doing but she was 30 years old. She became anxious and ashamed as a result.

Constance Wu Alleging The Producer Of Straight Off The Boat Assaulted Her Sexually:

The actress, who portrayed Jessica Huang, the grandmother of the family, claims events became intimate after Constantine Wu and the executive went to a sports game together. The Times claims that he “put his arm on her thighs, his fingers eventually brushing her crotch” there.

Wu alleges that when she urged him to desist, they later covered up the purported occurrence. In a discussion panel on last Friday at the Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C., Wu explained why she decided to come out with her account of the alleged assault.

Page Six contacted ABC for comments, but they did not reply right away. They also declined to speak with NYT. When contacted for response, Wu’s representative did not discuss the claim but instead recommended that we buy the book.

During Constantine Wu’s protracted absence as from public spotlight, Wu authored her autobiography. After receiving criticism for posting that she had been “very heartbroken” and “actually weeping” about the 2019 renewal of “Fresh Off the Boat,” she announced a three-year hiatus from social networks. Before a companion intervened that would save her life, she made even an attempt at suicide.