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Contagion Impacts Only The Poorly Managed Firms

Contagion has been one of the biggest terms in the world of cryptocurrency at the moment. Most investors are currently tensed about the future possibilities of the crypto market. The crypto market has not been in a good shape over the last couple of months. The market has constantly been experiencing a downward curve. Most of the companies incurred heavy losses.

Even big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum had their prices go down by record numbers. Such statistics have sent a shockwave through all the investor’s spines. They have speculated that the future is very much dark for the crypto market as a whole. Some of the investors have also started a rumor that the days of cryptocurrency will be up soon. They stated that people will soon be ditching digital assets and going back to the traditional mode of paper money transactions.

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However, most of the biggest companies did not buy the theory. All of them stated that the downward trend of the market was just a rough patch and shall pass very soon. After significant research, it was found that the statement did have some elements of truth in it. Extensive research found out that the Contagion affected only the poorly managed companies. Companies that were polished and well maintained did not get overly impacted by the trend. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Contagion Did Not Happen To Big Companies

Contagion has almost terrorized the entire world of cryptocurrency. Most of the companies have suffered a significant amount of loss in the past few months. However, after careful research, it was found that the bigger companies were fairly untouched by the phenomena. 

Contagion only happened to the companies that had their balance sheets poorly maintained. It would be interesting to see which way the story goes. 

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