Covid Stimulus Check Is Available

stimulus check

The federal government issued up to $931 billion for stimulus check. Billions of families got checks to survive the pandemic. Thousands missed given their situation. Some of them live in rural areas where no internet or cable connection can be traced. They missed their checks back in 2020 and continued till 2021. Those checks are still available to claim. If you want to claim them you need to fill out certain criteria. However, they initially stopped sending them out in March 2021. Just after the third round of payment. More checks after that came from the state government, not from the federal government.

What Targets Need To Be Fulfilled Before Filing For Stimulus Check?

If you are someone to whom the federal government owes money it’s high time to claim your missed stimulus check. You can address the recovery rebate perhaps.

The first round depended on 2018 and 2019 tax filing.

Single filers got $1200 and married couples got $2400. Extra $500 for a dependent for married couples.

The second stimulus check was sent $600 to single filers and $1200 to joint filers. Again $600 extra to couple with dependents.

The first term was issued in April whereas the second in December.

The last or the final term of the stimulus check was issued in 2021 March.

If you are confident enough about filing for your stimulus check and not receiving it then you must apply directly to the IRS.

If you are not confident about if you filed or not or if your payment got lost then you should get help from a professional tax agency. Who would help you to trace your payment?

If you are an American citizen but have yet to receive your social security number or you don’t have one. Then you don’t qualify for further stimulus check.

However, if your spouse has social security number then some strings can be pulled to get you a check.