Crypto ATM Back In Japan


Crypto ATM are one of the most interesting inventions of the crypto market. These ATMs have been getting popular day by day all around the world. The trend started a few years back and now it is becoming one of the most necessary modes of financial transaction in the world. A basic cryptocurrency ATM will enable you to exchange your normal cash for an equivalent amount of cryptocurrency. However, as popular as the trend has been, many countries have been skeptical about embracing the new technology.

The main reason for this has been the recent turbulence reports from the crypto arena. Unfortunately, things have not been going in a great way at the moment for the crypto market. The entire world of cryptocurrency seems to be plunged into darkness. The market is experiencing extreme downward curves in the last few months. Most of the companies have incurred heavy losses. Companies like Ethereum and Bitcoin also could not escape the trend. The investors were shocked to see the prices going down to new lows.

Japan has been one of the countries that have hesitated on the idea of embracing digital assets with open arms. The government of Japan banned the use of crypto ATM almost four years back. However, recent news has provided some good news for the Japanese crypto enthusiasts. The government has officially announced bringing back ATMs that you can use to exchange your money for cryptocurrencies. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Crypto ATM Returns To Japan 

Crypto ATM has been brought back by the Japanese government. is the official crypto exchange in Tokyo. They have announced proceeding with the idea of the ATMs in a short period. Depending on the success in Tokyo, a further 130 ATMs are scheduled for opening in Osaka as well. 

The crypto ATM in Japan will be supporting all leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.