Customer Has Been Accused Of Seven Million Spending Spree

140 customer accused for spending a lot of money. The judge said that imprisoning the person was not necessary as the customer cannot fly away without his passport.

The customer accidentally spent almost seven million USD from the exchange back in 2021 and then kept spending. However, he has been granted bail in Australia even after the two million funds are still unaccounted for.

The blunder by the company came out when an employee suddenly transferred 6.95million USD to his account instead of sending a refund back in May 2021. The man is alleged to buy a car and four houses with these funds. He also sent a part of this income overseas.

The prosecutors for the company claimed that the man can try to flee the country as only 4.9mn USD of the amount has been retrieved so far. However, the court said he cannot run away without the Passport.

The court heard that from the rest of the amount, almost two million USD was shifted to an offshore account. Customer Accused Of Spending Spree:

Senior constable said that the judge said that Jatinder Singh cannot fly away as he was unemployed and was living without a visa in the country and he was also unemployed. Despite multiple attempts by the prosecutor the judge was convinced that sending the guy to Jail was unnecessary. Therefore, instead of that taking his visa and preventing the Embassy from giving him a new passport will be enough.

Jatinder Singh is facing theft charges with his partner. His partner infact is the owner of the bank where this account was transferred. The couple pleaded not guilty in these charges. The went on to claim that the seven million USD is rightfully theres.