Shaquille O’Neal Reassures Fans No Need To Worry After His Hip Surgery

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is perfectly fine. The NBA superstar shared photos of him laying on the hospital bed and said that he is alright, and his fans can stop worrying now. The retired star of NBA said to his fans that he is perfectly fine. Shaquille recently shared a photo of him in a hospital bed with an IV attached to his arm. Shaquille O’Neal is in all good spirits after his surgery.

Big Shaq came to twitter with a throwback video of him in the Lakers Jersey and it was a comedic throwback where his buttocks were visible. This video was later revealed as edited to show a distorted view of his rear side and Adele’s Hello was playing over that footage.

The NBA star wrote addressing his worried fans that he thank them for their concern and also reassured them that Shaquille O’Neal is perfectly alright and there is no need to worry for the people.

Shaquille O’Neal Reassured Fans That They Should Not Worry:

The athlete’s health condition concerned a lot of his fans after the hospital photo on Sunday. Shaquille O’Neal also tagged his co-hosts of TNT in that photo and said that he regularly watch the show even in the hospital. Shaquille O’Neal added that he miss them all.

Big Shaq in December revealed that he wish to reduce 60 pounds before his birthday. He shared that he already lot forty pounds by the time he posted that. He only needed to lose twenty more pounds. Shaq was very excited about losing his wait and do a commercial for underwear with his son.

The former NBA star shares two sons and two daughters with his former wife. Shaquille also has a stepson and a daughter with his former girlfriend.