Zendaya Spotted Wearing A Gold Band


The initials of Zendaya’s boyfriend Tom Holland looked to be etched on a ring she was wearing.

On her Instagram account @marinadobyk.nails, the actor’s nail technician shared a video of her most recent manicure, which was put to a sped-up version of the song “ceilings” by Lizzy McAlpine. In addition to showcasing Zendaya’s brand-new, glossy pink nails, the video also made clear that she was wearing a gold signet ring on her initial finger, not her fourth, that appeared to bear the initials “TH.” According to Teen Vogue, signet rings were once intended to seal documents and were inscribed with a family crest or insignia. 

Zendaya And Tom Holland Love Their Privacy

Today, however, they serve as sentimental jewelry items or heirlooms. Holland has indeed been known to wear one as well; the actor admitted to briefly losing a gold ring that was a present from his grandparents to On Demand Entertainment in 2022.

After years of dating rumors, Page Six published pictures of her and Holland kissing in July 2021, making official their relationship. When the pictures were released, Holland and Zendaya “kind of felt invaded of our private,” he later remarked to GQ. Having their romance brought into the public eye, according to Zendaya, was “very uncomfortable and weird, confused, and invasive.”

Although the couple posts loving tributes to one another on social media—Zendaya shared a photo in honor of Holland’s birthday, for example, or Holland shared images of Zendaya from the “Dune” red carpet—they nevertheless maintain a low-key relationship. She continued, calling it “confusing and invasive” for people to know specifics about her private life, adding, “The equal sense [we both share] is simply that when you genuinely care and love about somebody, some times or situations, you wished were your own.”