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Crypto Traders Were Quite Trigger-Happy In March

If there is one thing that most crypto traders know, it is that the price of cryptocurrencies is quite susceptible to news developments. These developments are usually spread throughout the internet, and staying on top of such egregious and bullish statements will help the traders gain massively.

Nevertheless, it does seem pretty daunting to navigate the landscape of crypto news armed with just rumors. As it stands, there are a couple of roadblocks in the way of a trader and success- the abundance of potentially relevant information being one, and the difficulty of making sure that they were the first ones to know of this information. 

Crypto Traders Have Been Quick To Believe In Rumors

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Multiple research did highlight that there were three different types of crypto-related developments that result in the movement of digital asset prices consistently- staking announcements, listing, and big partnerships. Therefore, the insight gets pretty narrowed for most of the developments to interest crypto traders. 

This brings us to an important question- what, therefore, is the best way for crypto traders to make sure that they get to the potentially consequential stories before the rest of the pack can get a hold of it? As we know, there is no dearth of technological solutions- be it a list of Twitter alerts that have been curated carefully to various data terminals of cryptocurrency.

Those who seem to have a subscription to the proprietary data intelligence platform of Cointelegraph, seem to have it pretty easy. They readily get access to NewsQuakes- which is a machine learning service that usually monitors thousands of primary sources. 

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For crypto traders, staking announcements can be quite powerful- especially when they are used as market movers. This becomes even more factual when a staking program for an asset launches on a major platform and comes up with majorly attractive terms.

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