Damus Is Live On The App Store


The Apple App Store has given its approval to Damus, a purported “Twitter killer” or Decentralized Twitter alternative that is constructed on a decentralized network. On January 31, the Damus team announced the approval to its 11,500 Twitter followers, claiming that the Big Tech player had previously rejected it at least three times.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter and a contributor to Nostr, announced the information shortly after and told his 6.5 million followers that it was a “milestone” moment for open-source protocols. The messaging software bills itself as the “social network you own” and is based on Nostr, a decentralized network that, among other things, allows for encrypted end-to-end private communications. It intends to develop into an unfiltered social media network. According to a post from Protos on January 27, it also supports built-in payments through the Bitcoin layer-2 Lightning Network.

Decentralized Twitter Alternative, Damus, Is Up and Ready On The App Store

The network has no servers. Instead, Nostr disseminates communications using decentralized relays. The Lightning Network and Bitcoin are other strategies that Nostr developers are concentrating on employing to protect the Decentralized Twitter alternative- Damus app from distributed denial-of-service spam attacks.

According to the team’s GitHub page, the code for the Damus web app has been contributed to by 44 distinct software developers. But it wasn’t easy to get Damus listed on the Apple App Store. Before being accepted, the Damus Twitter profile noted that it had failed at least three times. William Casarin, one of the main developers of Nostr, also expressed some frustration on his personal Twitter account.

Although the precise nature of Dorsey’s relationship with Nostr is unknown, the billionaire businessman helped the Nostr development team by sending over 14 BTC, or about $250,000 at the time, in the middle of December to initiate the Decentralized Twitter program.