Ben Affleck Seen Hanging Around John Miller, Ex Wife Garner’s Boyfriend

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Is this the beginning of a new bromance? Ben Affleck was seen all smiles while hanging out with John Miller, current boyfriend to ex Jennifer Garner outside on her porch. In a surprisingly absurd trail of a moment, we caught Ben Affleck this Monday at his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s home in California waiting for the couple to come back.  

Can We Smell A Bromance Brewing Between Ben Affleck And Miller?

As Garner was parking their car onto the sidewalk, Affleck was seen shaking hands with Miller, greeting each other with smiles. After a short while, the ‘Adam Project’ actress caught up with the other two as they all went inside. 

Ben Affleck was previously in marriage to Garner for 13 years dating back to 2005-2018. He was seen in a black coat with a white tee underneath, paired with tan trousers and really colorful sneakers. On the other hand, John Miller is not only a chairman but also the CEO of the Cali Group. He kept things simple in light-washed-looking jeans and a buttoned-down checkered shirt which was accessorized with a duffle bag in hand. Coming off to Garner keep it casual with a navy sweater, blouse, and jeans with sneakers. 

This friendly encounter comes right after a week after the ‘13 Going on 30’ star attended a musical performance of Ben Affleck and current wife Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Seraphina. The couple also shares two more kids together named Violet who’s 17 and Samuel just 10.

The reunion marks the exes’ first appearance since ‘Gigli’ as the co-star tied the knot in the month of July 2022. Although there’s quite a rush of rumored animosity within the threesome, Jennifer Garner commented that she was in fact thrilled to finally have gotten rid of her fourth kid referring to Ben Affleck.