Who Will Replace Amy Robach-T J Holmes At ABC?

Amy Robach
Amy Robach

We’re informed that T.J. Holmes alongside Amy Robach’s illicit affair is officially “old news” at ABC , and that staff members are already speculating about who’s coming in next to fill out their vacant anchor positions on “GMA3.”

After Amy Robach Who’s Holmes’s Next Target? Investigations Dig Up More Dirt On The Affair

The two were officially fired on Friday when their secret affair became public, and we’re informed there are many eyes on the prize now. Our insider said, “People can already be seen moving on to the former battle, which will decide who is replacing them this time.”

Our insider claims that DeMarco Morgan along with Rhiannon Ally “seem like an automatic go-to” because they have been filled out with scandalous stars who have been suspended. Other talents at ABC, though, are reportedly not overjoyed about that idea. A source claims that “many are disgruntled that others haven’t got as such of an opportunity.”

During Amy Robach, also Holmes’ absence, co-anchors to the show “Good Morning America: Weekend Edition” starring Whit Johnson alongside Janai Norman, National Journalist Stephanie Ramos, and ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez also filled in. Ally and Morgan are both very recent arrivals. Whilst Ally was employed previously at ABC News ever since December of 2021 later found to be named after co-anchor “ABC World News Now” and also “America This Morning” last August, Morgan had worked at CBS before switching to ABC in November.

Earlier in January, Page Six was found reporting to a media event that included Morgan, “GMA3” renowned executive producer, named Cat Mckenzie, locals with ABC News agent Sade Baderinwa along with talent Kimberley Richardson, and took place at the Irish bar Plug Uglies in New York’s Gramercy Park neighborhood. 

The network says they “love the work [Morgan] is  currently doing,” according to sources, and “everyone believes he’s been very outstanding.” There have been rumors that he could permanently replace Holmes.

The affair between Holmes and Amy Robach initially made up the headlines last November in 2022, and also the duo was forced to stop airing together by the earliest December. Holmes allegedly was rumored to have three other relationships with employees, it was learned when the network initiated a private investigation into the two.