Lily Collins Shares Sweet Photos In Commemoration Of Dad’s Birthday

Lily Collins
Lily Collins

In a touching tribute to her father Phil Collins’s 72nd birthday, Lily Collins started off by comparing herself to him. The 33-year-old actress captioned a Monday Instagram post with the phrase “Like father, like daughter” after sharing images of herself and her father sharing identical poses or attire. Dad, happy birthday.

Lily Collins Pays Tribute To Late Grammy Artist Phil

The “In The Air Tonight” singer was seen gazing up, the direction of the camera in one of the pictures while lying inside an empty bathtub. Lily Collins continued to make a comparison to a photo of herself in a bathtub rocking a nice blue outfit. 

The actor for Netflix also demonstrated how she draws style ideas from her grandfather by posting numerous images of just two of them looking alike in clothing. Lily Collins wore overalls and a blue colored jacket with a tuxedo, impersonating just her father, in the pictures she posted on social media.

She concluded her post by saying, “Thanking you for being such a continual inspiration, a constant laughter, and a constant legend. “I adore you so so much, today I’m really celebrating you! …” Many of Lily Collin’s admirers expressed in the comment section that they were unaware of the fact that the actress is the daughter of the late Grammy-winning musician.

“Am I really the only person to discover now that this is in fact her father? One individual commented, “Doh. THERE’S YOUR DAD, PHIL COLLINS! A second individual added, “This has made my whole month. Oh my God, I had no idea about this! The third person said, “I adore Phil. Her “Emily in Paris” co-stars also went to comment on the post to wish her father a happy birthday.

Ashley Park remarked, “very cute!!! William Abadie declared, “My hero.” Lily Collins has always found difficulty in connecting with her father, despite the endearing Instagram post. She disclosed that he wasn’t there a lot when she was little in her biography “Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me” published in 2017.