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David Dobrik Is No More A Dispo User

David Dobrik, the star of social media is currently in the midst of criticism. He stepped down from the social media app, Dispo, which is one of the photo-sharing apps. This incident took place this Sunday. 

The reason for the departure of the social-media sensation originated from the allegations made by a woman. The allegations were made seven days ago. The woman made it known that she was a victim of sexual assault in the year 2018. It was carried out by one former member of the influential group of David Dobrik. The name given to the influential group was the “Vlog Squad.”

David Dobrik’s Decision

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A statement was released by Dispo with regard to the decision taken by David Dobrik. It said that the decision from the need to not cause any barrier to the growth of the company. The statement was released in a number of media outlets. It was further added that the motive of the company was to empower the world by building an inclusive diverse culture. 

David Dobrik released a statement that was directed to his fans, over the social media platform, YouTube. It was an apology. He stated that she does not support any form of misconduct. He further added that he has cut-off some of the people who were close to him. The statement was released last week.

Spark Capital, one of the investors of the Dispo app, gave a statement with regard to the stance of Dobrik. It was told that all the ties were severed following the allegations made against the Vlog Squad of the social media sensation. This move comes after a month of the 20 million USD funding of Dispo was led by Spark Capital at the valuation of a total amount of 200 million USD as per reports.

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