Deadline For A Stimulus Check Payment For $4000 Is In The Next Four Days

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There are still some days left for the eligible residents of California to start applying for a direct stimulus check payment of $4000, with the recipients having the freedom to spend this money on anything.

The payment is also part of a program that has been called the Recovery Action Fund for Tomorrow, from Jewish Family Service- which is a non-profit organization. The application for the payment opened up on the 8th of May and will be shut down on the 21st of May, at 11.59 pm, according to an official announcement from the non-profit.

The payments will be distributed to the residents of San Diego, who have touched upon the eligibility requirements, and also includes having at least a single child under 18 years of age, or a senior who is at least 55 years old. The household income of the applicant must also be under 200% of the federal poverty relief, which is $29,160 for a single household, and $60,000 for a household of four. 

Stimulus Check Payment in The State Of California

The recipients eligible for this stimulus check payment will also be selected via a lottery system, with the payments being issued in two separate waves, the first in June, and the other in August.

The payments will further be distributed in the form of a prepaid debit card, that would be sent through mail or will be picked up at various locations. Those who are interested in the payments could apply online, or with application help from several locations- including the San Diego Central Library at the Price Family YMCA.

For those wondering, this program is one of the several stimulus check programs that would take place in the state of California. There has been another program in place- The Pathway to Income Equity pilot program- which would issue payments of $500 to 305 families in Sonoma County on Wednesday.