The Deadline For The Stimulus Check Payment For Taxpayers Has Been Announced

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The Internal Revenue Service recently issued their final notice on the deadline for taxpayers to claim stimulus check refunds from 2019. The deadline would be in 12 days for those who still owed some money from the government. The Commissioner of the IRS, Danny Werfel, mentioned in a press statement that the time was running out for people who were owed a tax refund in 2019.

The IRS also mentioned that the deadline was approaching rapidly- and had further encouraged taxpayers in the country to file a tax return for the tax year 2019 by the 17th of July. Almost one and a half million people had unclaimed federal refunds, with the estimated median refund situated at $893. 

The Deadline For Stimulus Check Rebate Is Next Week

Werfel continued that the final window for the stimulus check rebate would close on the 17th of July for taxpayers who hadn’t filed for a tax return for 2019 to claim their refund. The IRS, nevertheless, would continue to urge people who might have overlooked filing during the pandemic in order to act quickly before they ended up losing their final chance to claim a potentially substantial refund. Goes without saying, moderate and low-income employees could be eligible for an earned income tax credit- which has a total worth of $6,557 if their 2019 income qualifies. 

In order to qualify for this stimulus check payment, taxpayers would have to fall under a certain income threshold. Single people without qualifying children would have to make less than $15570, while single people with a qualifying child must be under $41,094. The total number is $46,884 if the applicants are married or have filed jointly with a single child.