DefiLlama Has Resolved Its Internal Strife


DefiLlama, the decentralized finance analytics platform recently resolved the massive internal conflict that took place within its team which had also created problems during a forking of the platform.

Major trouble at this platform was first announced when 0xngmi, the developer, went on to claim in a Twitter post on the 19th of March that the platform had been going through a pretty hostile takeover, with the launching of the LLAMA token, without any form of support or approval. As a response to that, the parent company of the platform accused this developer, and a few others, of going rogue, and were simply looking towards seizing the intellectual property of the platform whilst being absolutely inaccurate in their claims that the rightful owner was going through a hostile takeover. However, the resolution seemed to have cropped up just a day after that. 

DefiLlama Has Resolved All Of The Internal Conflict

In a Twitter thread on the 20th of March, the entire team of DefiLlama went on to apologize for this mess, where they put it down to poor misunderstanding and communication within the team. They also clarified that a completely new token was also not in the works. The developer that was accused of going rogue, 0xngmi, also confirmed that all of the internal issues had been resolved, and things were running smoothly yet again. 

The developer went on to tweet on the 20th of March and claimed that everything had been solved already, and the fork had been canceled. They further mentioned that the work would be continuing on DefiLlama. One of the contributors who worked on several other projects under the Llama Corp. umbrella, Tendeeno, also confirmed that the team had already resolved the issues- and had also decided to run the company as normally as possible.