Euler Finance Could Be In Talks With Funds Hacker

Euler Finance

Euler Finance, the lending protocol based on Ethereum, might be reaching a solution regarding the stolen funds in the flash loan attack of $197 million that took place the previous week. It is reported that the higher-ups in the company could be holding discussions with the exploiter.

In a message to the startup on the 20th of March, quite a few days after issuing the funds to a red-flagged address in North Korea, the exploiter also claimed that they wanted to come to an agreement with the platform. The exploiter further stated that they wanted to ease the suffering of everyone who was affected by this hack. Further, they had absolutely no intention of keeping what wasn’t theirs to keep- which is why they were keeping up a secure communication that would help everyone reach an agreement.

Euler Finance and Its Exploiter Could Be Reaching An Accord

A few hours after the message was received, Euler Finance replied that they had acknowledged the message and wanted to talk to the hacker in private. The company stated that they should talk about it privately on blockscan through the Euler Deployer address and one of the hacker’s EOAs. The company had previously tried to negotiate a deal with the hacker- where they insisted that the hacker return 90% of the funds that they had stolen within 24 hours, or they would be facing legal consequences. There was absolutely no response for 24 hours, which led to the lending platform announcing a bounty reward for information on the hacker. 

While it is not certain who the attacker is, the language that the attacker used could imply that there was more than a single hacker. In a tweet on 17th March, Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics firm, stated that the 100 ETH tokens that were transferred recently to a wallet address could mean that the hack of Euler Finance was the work of the DPRK- or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.