Stimulus Check Has Been Delayed However Still Cash Is Still Flowing In

stimulus checks

When the federal government stopped the stimulus check in March 2021. Many states stepped in to help out their residents. Post-pandemic was indeed difficult to survive. Many opted for two jobs. They did their best to bring food to the table. They were struggling to make ends meet. The federal government issued their payment in three forms. The first one went out in April 2020 that continued till March 2021.

The amount wasn’t huge. Though it managed to keep them afloat during the critical time. Later many drowned in debt.

Why States Stepped Up Individually To Issue Stimulus Check

The cry of billions went unheard. The federal government was rigid about its decision. They didn’t move an inch to issue further checks. They were worried along with the Republicans another check might cause another economic disruption.

America faced the worst type of inflation last year. The study shows none of them have seen this type in the last 40 years. Inflation made it difficult to survive. Hence the state government issued a stimulus check. Various states issued various types of checks.

They clearly state taxpayers who have filed their previous year’s taxes are eligible for that. California never stopped sending out stimulus checks be it in the form of inflation relief funds or anything else. Many states came up with different types of names but they did send out checks to help out residents.

California sends out stimulus checks ranging from $200 to $1500 depending on their tax paying scale. Where in Colorado, set $750 for single tax filers. Again $1500 for joint filers. Delaware gave out $350 checks to everyone who filed taxes. Which includes young adults. People who recently turned 18 and filed taxes.

Idaho and Illinois give $300 to single tax filers and $600 to joint filers. Every state shaped its own stimulus check on its newly disclosed budget.