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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Delta Stock Shows Signs Of Stabilization After Approaching Neutral Rate Of Cash Burn

Delta Air Lines (DAL) is fast approaching a $10 to $12 million cash burn rate as of Tuesday. Delta Stock has shown a quick recovery in their Q4, despite facing a drop following the COVID-19 vaccine updates.

They are expecting a 65%-70% drop in Q4 which seems much better in comparison to their last April losses. The company has an upsurge in Q4 in comparison to Q3.

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Though they have currently stalled unnecessary jets and sales have been low, they are expecting a fall of 40%-45% in Q4.

Delta stock cash burn was $43 million in Q2, $24 million in Q3, and an expected $10 million in December.

Their average functional expenses in Q4 are half as compared to the previous year.

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Briefing On Delta Stock

Delta stock increased by 0.7% touching 37.04 yesterday. Their stock has a ‘buy point’ of over 35.17 as of Monday. DAL EPS is 7 with a composite rate of 44.

The entire carrier industry jumped after the announcement by Pfizer and BioNTech about the effectiveness of the coronavirus 3rd phase vaccination trial by 90%. Despite requesting FDA’s authorization within this month, the vaccine is likely to be available globally after several months.

This Monday, Delta Stock witnessed an increase of 17% along with similar growth by American Airlines (AAL).

AAL gave public notice of increasing their domestic planes by 1,400 by 23rd November.

Delta stock has raised over $25 million in 2020 for the purpose of financing. 

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