Altcoins, DeFi, Ethereum Price Shoot Up as Bitcoin Price Slides

Jed Mccaleb Vivek Ramaswamy Nansen

The range of Bitcoin price has traded within an AAVE, Balancer and Unecific price limit. The lowest limit being $14,800 to the highest limit of $15,500. Bitcoin even after being at the top of the list of the digital assets struggled a lot to flip the support, at around $15,500. The Bitcoin price has been struggling for a long time now. However, the $15,500 limit has been facing resistance for quite some time. 

A rise in price range 

There has been a rise in the price of tokens of DeFi. Yearn Finance or YFI, AAVE, Balancer and UNI have seen a price shoot up recently. Other than these tokens there has been a significant amount of increase in the gain in the number of cap tokens on decentralized exchanges. Analyzers claim that there is a notable amount of activity of the investors in the newly developed space of the DeFi.

There has been a noteworthy increase in the volumes of the DEX, and there has been a new record in the DeFi Pulse. The surging amount is at around $12.87 billion. There are other establishments as well,  however, the analyzers and experts in the market claim that there has been a change in their price ranges as well. The analyzers are saying that the fate of Ethereum and other such currencies are too early to tell. Currently, the Bitcoin price slide has made way for the others.