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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Demi Lovato Finds Diet Offerings At Frozen Yogurt Outlet “Triggering”

Demi Lovato has taken to social media and expressed her outrage over a negative experience at a frozen yogurt shop in Los Angeles. In an Instagram story posted on the weekend, the 28-year-old singer of “I Love Me”, wrote about the difficulty she is facing in placing an order at The Big Chill.

Demi Lovato Has Long Struggled With Body Image

Demi Lovato continued that the shop offered so many diet foods that she found it demeaning to place an order for a froyo. She describes that there are various offerings of free cookies and other dietary foods before one can reach the counter. The singer has always talked about how she has struggled with her body image and eating disorders. The message also had “diet culture vultures” as a hashtag.

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The shop issued a response to Demi Lovato on the official account on Instagram. It said that the outlet caters to vegans, celiac disease sufferers, diabetics as well as normal indulgent items. In her story on Instagram, Lovato included screenshots that apparently showed a private exchange with the shop. In the messages, the shop wrote that they have no intention to be diet vultures. Over 36 years, they have catered to all the needs of their customers. As such, they apologized if the singer found it offensive.

She replied by asking them to keep in mind the people suffering from mental disorders since it is the second deadliest illness after an opioid overdose. She complained about the whole service being rude and terrible. Also, she pointed out that the outlet would do well to carry items for other sections of their customers as well.

She also, later on, suggested labeling the foods for health needs to differentiate them from diet culture. She said that LA makes it extra hard to distinguish between the two.  

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