Derek Jeter, Former Yankees Star, Joins Social Media After Falling “Out Of Excuses”

Derek Jeter
Derek Jeter

Every politician, influencer, or big star athlete has joined Twitter and other social media platforms after resisting for a long time. Tuesday witnessed one such star athlete who hilariously debuted on Twitter. Derek Jeter is a former player of the Yankees and a legendary MLB star. Ultimately, he found himself joining Twitter with a funny post. 

Derek Jeter re-tweeted a post from 2014 that was written saying “Derek Jeter has no excuse not to have a Twitter account by now.” Along with this post Jeter also tweeted in a cheeky manner that he has indeed run out of excuses. And in this hilarious way, he joined the Twitter platform. 

Cheeky Debut By Derek Jeter 

Although Derek Jeter is a late-comer to the Twitter party, he has definitely not wasted a moment to debuting in the social media universe. Jeter has jumped the gun and quite well-acquainted himself with social media and acquired instant popularity. Jeter not only joined Twitter but also joined Instagram on the very same day. 

Following his debut, he went on to share his childhood inspiration behind his hairstyles and it was none other than Ralph Tresvant, an R&B singer. He even went ahead and answered his fans through means of a live video that was posted by him later. 

Social Media Welcome 

Derek Jeter received a very warm welcome on Twitter from colleagues like CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez. 

Jeter’s first post was private moments from Miami and his non-profit foundation named Turn 2. He also requested his fans that since he is new they must be kind towards him. 

Although nobody can say the reason behind his sudden joining of Twitter and Instagram, it indeed is a great move. This will help his fans get frequent sneak peeks into the Yankee star’s life.