Analysts Give Details To Outcomes Of Bitcoin Dropping to $16.2K


Bitcoin prices experienced a sharp decline on 26th November after the massive sell-off by the whales. The on-chain firm of data namely CryptoQuant, Intotheblock, and Santiment have offered information regarding the huge levels of inflows during the exchange by the whales.

In fact, whales have sold immediately after Bitcoin hit their all-time high (ATH). Additionally, the energy of the stock market was highly euphoric right before this enormous decline. Futures contracts worth approximately $1.8 billion were completely wiped away owing to this massive decrease in Bitcoin prices.

Binance registered liquidations worth $400 million in a span of a few hours.


Santiment has reported that the whales decided to sell as soon as Bitcoin outdid $19,300 price levels. Several individuals with great net-worth sold so rapidly and in such huge numbers that have resulted in their exit from the category of being a whale that includes individuals owning more than 1,000 BTC.

The overleveraged market of derivatives began crashing immediately after Bitcoin underwent a reasonably small decline. Ultimately, the main exchanges of BTC declined to a considerable low of $16,200.

Santiment analysts stated that whales who possessed more than 1,000 BTC sold when BTC hit the price of $19.3k two days back. 11 whales actually made an exit from the whale category when the prices surged indicating exponential selling.

A similar pattern was discovered by researchers when the whales exchanged 93,000 BTC valued at $1.8 billion as the prices increased.

Following the crash, some analysts and traders believe that Bitcoin will further pullback to the support level of $13,800 while others look to optimize on the $18,000 liquidity level.

Bearish Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s bearish trend is due to prior bull markets indicating a 30% drop meaning landing at a $14,500 price level. Secondly, the activities of short-term investors are improving as there is a consolidation of BTC prices.

Bullish Bitcoin

However, the stock market vibes around BTC continues to be bullish. Several analysts have estimated that Bitcoin will drop very soon yet expect a cryptocurrency to reach an ATH by the end of 2020. Few traders remain hopeful regarding the trend of BTC prices in the short-haul.

In case there is a decline in long liquidation contracts, the short liquidations have a high possibility of getting triggered to a rally. Since liquidity is almost $18,000, the chances are very high.

The inflow of stable-coin remains a huge influencing factor in the future of Bitcoin.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, has recently tweeted about the regulation of the US and seizing by the police of China of almost $4.2 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that led to a bearish trend.