Good News For Core Scientific: Striking Of Digital Gold

Core Scientific
Core Scientific

Core Scientific, a bitcoin mining firm in the U.S., has shown growth at a sudden rate in areas like hosting revenue, hash rate, digital asset mining income, and mining equipment sales which portrays their average performance improvement. Core Scientific has declared their financial results in 2021 which shows bullishness and compared it with 2020. 

Revenue of Core Scientific Increased By 800% And Profit By 2500%

The revenue of Core Scientific increased from 2443% to $238.9 million. Moreover, the hike in the price of bitcoin also played a role in the development of the company. All the data were released this Tuesday and it showed that the net income of the company in 2021 was approximately $47.3 million. This figure showed that from a loss in 2020, the net improvement has been recorded as $12.2 million. 

As per the data from the revenue streams of Core Scientific, equipment sales have increased from 1,871% to $248.2 million, income from digital asset mining improved from 3,440% to $216.9 million, and revenue from hosting grew from 91% to $79.3 million. In the words of Mike Levitt, the CEO of Core Scientific, the hash rate of the company improved to 15.9 EH/s in just two months, and thus, the firm could easily self mine approximately 2,000 bitcoins. 

He also stated that the entire team is properly executing their responsibility and is in a good position to check the capacity of the firm and create more shareholder value. Though, the company showcased its increase in profit, however, the net expenses are also rising. 

Darin Feinstein, the founder of Core Scientific, openly criticized Chris Larsen and Greenpeace after getting the impressive results of the firm because of their joint campaign launch known as ‘change the code, not the climate’. The objective of the campaign is to convert BTC into a PoS model which will be more environmental-friendly.