Do We Have Enough Time For Stimulus Check Round 2?

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

Last weekend, stimulus check round 2 negotiations continued between the White House and Speaker Pelosi. As lawmakers scramble, many are worried that there’s not enough time to pass a second stimulus bill. 

However, reassuring the people, Speaker Pelosi told media sources that a stimulus package beak will be finalized by coming Tuesday. She also added that a stimulus bill will be passed by the 3rd of November. 

Many have expressed skepticism over a positive outcome as both the White House and the House Democrats seem to be adamant about sticking to their proposals. The stimulus package proposed by House Democrats has a price tag of $2.2 trillion. Meanwhile, the stimulus bill pushed by the Trump administration has a price tag of $1.8 trillion. 

Despite the many differences, all party leaders agree that America needs a stimulus check round 2. Improved unemployment benefits also have bipartisan support. The unemployment benefits under the CARES Act expired back in July. 

Stimulus Check Round 2: Difference Over Coronavirus Tracing And Testing

stimulus check round 2
stimulus check round 2

One of the major differences between the White House and the House Democrats over the second stimulus bill is the language used for coronavirus tracing and testing. 

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin claimed that the language difference is a minor issue. However, Speaker Pelosi states that the language used in the White House proposed stimulus package does not make the necessity of coronavirus tracing and testing clear. Her office further said that the White House proposed stimulus bill gives the power over to the federal government on whether they want to grant coronavirus tracing and testing funds. 

Some of the other issues involve funds for local and state governments. Both parties have also been arguing over childcare provision, Earned Tax Credit, and Child and Dependent Tax Credit. 

Even with all the differences, Speaker Pelosi has expressed positivity over stimulus check round 2. To everyone’s relief, last week, the president also tweeted in support of a big stimulus package. 

Three Stimulus Bills Contesting This Week

In a few days, the Senate will be voting on its own proposed stimulus package. The stimulus bill proposed by the Republican Party has a much smaller price tag of $500 billion. Even though it includes extended unemployment benefits, it leaves out many other concerns. One of the main problems with this stimulus package is that it does not include stimulus check round 2. 

The massive difference between the three proposed stimulus packages is a point of concern. If lawmakers continue to remain adamant about their proposals, eligible American citizens might lose out of stimulus check round 2. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell raised people’s Hope after saying that they will consider any and all stimulus packages that reaches the Senate on time.