Legislators Are On A Race Against Time for the Stimulus Check Round 2, Before the Presidential Elections

stimulus check round 2
Stimulus Check Round 2

There have been several discussions conducted by legislators to ensure a stimulus check round 2 is on the ground for Americans to cope with the economic crisis which has occurred as a result of the pandemic. Most of the US lawmakers are of the opinion to fix up a stimulus check round 2 right before the Presidential Elections take off. 

Where Do the Democrats Stand In relation to the Stimulus Check Round 2?

There have been six stimulus packages proposed which would provide yet another stimulus check to the American citizens. The Democrats have had the latest proposal- a $2.2 trillion Heroes Act that will be revised, but the Oval Office has brought out a $1.8 trillion counter offer package for stimulus. Both of these offers will contain a stimulus check round 2, but sadly multiple negotiations between Steven Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi haven’t yielded anything fruitful. 

Pelosi has recently set up a 48-hour deadline that will be used to make up for any differences that both the parties have in respect to this- with stimulus check round 2 discussions along with Steven Mnuchin. She had been speaking about it with ABC News where she mentioned that the deadline will only work if they all show the zeal to get the ball rolling before the Presidential Elections are underway. She also added that there were certain areas where both the White House and the Democrats had already reached an agreement of sorts- but there was still some debate left as to the language of the legislation.  

Stimulus Check round 2
Stimulus Check Round 2

Why is there An Urgency To Bring out the Stimulus Check Round 2 Before the Presidential Elections?

The Deputy Chief of Staff of Nancy Pelosi’s office, Drew Hammill recently tweeted that there was quite a series of differences that had to be delved into- provision by provision- and addressed in quite a comprehensive manner in the next 2 days. It went without saying that the White House has to show something after all these negotiations, and if they want the country to take them seriously, they need to arrive at a Bipartisan agreement with respect to the stimulus check round 2. 

On the other hand, the official tweet from the President mentions how Nancy Pelosi is the one who has been stalling all the proceedings in the Congress. While the President seems to be clamoring for the stimulus money right now, Nancy Pelosi has been accused of playing politics just to suit her own agenda. Senator Lindsey Graham had mentioned in one of the interviews that Congress was aiming towards a strong finish on the upcoming stimulus package. But, he did disagree with several points of the Heroes Act. He believes that the money could go to a lot of illegal immigrants- instead of those who actually are legal citizens of the country and need the money. 

In the meantime, the Majority Leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell also announced that there will be a vote of around $500 billion as a relief bill for coronavirus in the Senate. This bill would strictly focus on the federal unemployment benefit and other such features- but won’t include a stimulus check round 2 for the citizens of America.