Xiaomi Introduces Pioneering 80W Wireless Charging Tech; Takes 19 Minutes To Fully-Charge Your Battery

Xiaomi 80W wireless charging technology
Xiaomi 80W wireless charging technology

Xiaomi is pacing fast towards improved wireless charging tech. Only recently did we see Apple introduce its iPhone 12 wireless charger called MagSafe. Now, the Chinese tech giant has also started working in that area. With big smartphone companies shifting to wireless charging so swiftly, we can expect a complete shift to wireless charging in the upcoming years.

Xiaomi Announces Cutting-Edge Wireless Charging Technology

Xiaomi 80W wireless charging technology
Xiaomi 80W wireless charging technology

Xiaomi had recently brought out its 120W wired charger earlier in 2020. Now, the company has launched an 80W wireless charging tech on October 19. The company brought out a blogpost that mentions, “To 100% in 19 minutes, no strings attached” to describe its new wireless charging tech. The earlier wireless charger was of 30W but Xiaomi has come a long way from that to launch its 80W superfast charging solution.

Xiaomi claims that this wireless charging tech is many leaps ahead of similar solutions offered by other smartphone brands. A bold claim as it is, this charger can fill a 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 10% in 10 minutes, 50% in 8 minutes and to a full charge in 19 minutes.

Xiaomi calls it a benchmark development and it might just be true. As other smartphone companies are also shifting rapidly towards wireless charging techs, a whopping jump from 30W wireless charging to 50W to 80W surely looks like a major leap within a short span. Other companies will likely line up now to overcome this hurdle and bring out the next best solution very soon.

Xiaomi Heads Charging Tech Solutions

This was Xiaomi’s 3rd breakthrough in the technology of wireless charging. It first brought out its 30W wireless charger with the Mi 10 last year. This was followed by the Mi 10 Ultra that came with the launch of the 50W wireless charger. Now, the company heads both in wired as well as wireless charging.

For the showcasing of the new 80W Xiaomi wireless charging tech, the company uses a modified version of the Mi 10 Pro. The exact power distribution (ampere or volt) is not clearly mentioned in the launch tweet. However, the tweet made by the company also comes with a video that reveals more information on this new tech. The device seems to be charging at 4.5A or 18V, that is 81W, wirelessly. Under the hashtag ‘Innovation for everyone’, this is supposed to be a fast-charging next-gen tech.

Xiaomi is making an all-round progress in the field of battery and charging for its smartphones. Along with the release of the 120W wired charging, it is also making serious progress in the wireless charging sector as well. At this pace, it’s only a matter of time we start completely relying on wireless charging.