Here’s What Has Changed In The Stimulus Check Round 2

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

Several stimulus package bills have been proposed by the Democratuc party, the Republican Party, the White House, and even a bipartisan caucus. Unfortunately, none of these stimulus bills have passed to become a law. Now, as the Washington lawmakers indicate that they are at the last phase of stimulus check round 2, two major developments have come forward. Read ahead to find out. 

Who Qualifies As Dependents Under The Stimulus Check Round 2?

All three stimulus package proposals have different definitions of dependents. The two stimulus bills proposed earlier allocated $500 for every dependent. There is no age bar for dependents under these stimulus package proposals. 

On the other hand, the Trump administration’s proposed stimulus check round 2 will increase the amount to $1000. However, the dependents category will only include children. 

Under the first stimulus package, dependents above the age of 17 were not considered dependents. The second stimulus bill proposed by the White House would largely benefit younger homes. 

Will Incarcerated Individuals Receive Aid Under The Second Stimulus Package?

stimulus check round 2
stimulus check round 2

Around 2 million American individuals have been incarcerated and face daily challenges in earning money. While the first stimulus package and the second stimulus bill proposed by the Republican Party does not include incarcerated individuals, a court ruling could change this. A lawsuit has been filed in California, which fights for the rights of incarcerated individuals. If the court rules in favor, all incarcerated individuals could benefit from stimulus check round 2. Or, their family could claim stimulus aid on their behalf. 

Who Qualifies Under The Second Stimulus Package?

There’s no surety to this as long as a stimulus bill becomes a law. However, as per sources, the stimulus check round 2 will carry many of the traits of the previous stimulus bill. 

Taking the HEALS Act, the Heroes Act, and the first stimulus bill into account, we can deduce what the qualifying group would look like. 

Individuals with AGIs lower than $99,000 will be qualified for stimulus check round 2. Couples who file together will have to have AGI lower than $198,000. 

As per the HEALS stimulus package proposal. There is no cap on the number of dependents a family can have. Under the Heroes Act, the number of dependents has been restricted under 3. All the proposed stimulus bills include American citizens living outside of US territory. Non-filers and SSDI are also qualified for stimulus checks. 

The people whose qualifications are uncertain for the stimulus check round 2 include incarcerated men and women. 

The groups that are disqualified for financial aid under the stimulus packages are noncitizens and individuals who owe child support. Both the groups have been included under the Heroes Act proposed by House Democrats but is unlikely to pass in the Senate.