Details On Dogecoin After The Meme Token Surged 500% As We Head Into 2021


The largest cryptocurrency according to the market capitalization is Bitcoin. It has successfully managed to break through its new all-time high levels in 2020 as well as in the very beginning of 2021. Nonetheless, several other cryptocurrencies are a long way off from reaching their ATH which was last witnessed almost 3 years back in the year 2017. However, Dogecoin is rapidly nearing its 2017 ATH.

Dogecoin Cannot Be Held Down

Dogecoin is very popular and is a meme token and one of the earliest cryptocurrencies. In the midst of the tumultuous cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin is quite successfully closing in on their ATH that was last touched in 2017. This is a massive success for this altcoin considering the other older coins are hugely lagging behind.

The annual gain of Dogecoin has surprisingly surpassed the gains of Bitcoin since it has gained over 535% in the year 2020.

Despite BTC’s bull run after breaking through a whopping $30K, several other cryptocurrencies are far away from hitting their ATH. For example, Ethereum is almost 33% away from the 2017 ATH.

New digital assets including DOT and LINK are doing well and found a place in the top 10. This weekend was particularly great for crypto coins. Likewise, DOGE was just 32.29% short of hitting their previous 2017 all-time high.

In 2020, Dogecoin had performed very well and they have increased by more than 38% within the past 24 hours itself. DOGE spiked 184% in the past 1 week with an increase of 294% in a month and another 394% in the last 90 days. DOGE has gained almost 115% more than BTC.

Although it costs a mere US penny, there are billions of DOGE coins in circulation. This has kept them in the top 25 contenders of crypto assets.