Eagles Twitter Base Took To The Social Media Platform Following The Team’s Match

Eagles Twitter
Eagles Twitter

Most of the fans of the Eagles were hoping for the team to lose in the finale of the season. The match was held between them and the Washington Football Team. The reason for this weird anticipation of the fans was because losing the game would secure the Eagles in a much higher position in the NFL Draft of the year 2021. There had been huge speculation concerning the future of the Eagles. A number of reactions were all over the social media platform, Twitter, following the loss of 20-14 of the team. Read more to know about the Eagles Twitter incident.

Eagles Twitter Fans Were Engaged To Show Support

In the opening series of the game, there were fourth-and-2 of the Eagles at the midfield. Doug Pender who had been chosen to punt drew a number of second guessers. Following this, EJ Smith posted on his Twitter account, praises about the team. He wrote that there is some improvement that is visible in the draft pick of the Eagles. He also mentioned the 4th and 2 midfield punting.

Washington Football is the single team to not have any score in the opening drive. however, this record was discontinued. John McMullen, one of Eagles Twitter fans, shared a post on his Twitter account after this incident. He wrote that Grayland Arnold had been beaten over by Terry McLaurin. He also mentioned the score, which was 7-0.

After a while, Washington Football was seen intercepting Jalen Hurts. This led to the field goal of 42-yard by Dustin Hopkins. This also led to an extension of the lead to 10-0. This incident took place in the minutes of the first quarter.

Jalen Hurts later took his team on a 10-play, together with the yard drive of 75. He scored 10-7 when there was 10:18 left in the games’ first half.