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Elon Musk Is “Off Twitter For A While” After Fueling Stock Market Frenzy

Elon Musk is officially taking a break from Twitter after making several tweets last week that moved the cryptocurrency market. Investors looking forward to him for cues in investment might have to wait a little while longer for his opinion.

The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk’s Twitter hiatus began this Tuesday, February 2. He made a Twitter post announcing his break. The tweet read, ‘Off Twitter for a while.” He did not mention when he will be back to the popular social media platform to share his views regarding contemporary matters especially matters related to the financial and the cryptocurrency markets that were surprisingly moved by Musk’s tweet in the past few weeks.

Elon Musk’s Companies SpaceX And Neuralink Make Headlines

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Elon Musk, 49, has approximately 45 million followers on Twitter. The reason for this billionaire to leave the platform for a break is still unclear to many. This break also comes as a surprise to many as he is also the head of SpaceX, an aerospace and rocket manufacturing company. And Neuralink, a neurotechnology company. Both these companies have been making it to the headlines for the past few days.

SpaceX recently faced a terrible loss after its Mars Starship SN9 rocket crashed in a launch failure. Many are conjecturing this to be the main reason behind Elon Musk’s abrupt announcement to leave Twitter for a while.

Prior to his Twitter hiatus post, Musk had shared a video of his new Tesla plant in Germany. He also responded to fan’s queries in the same video. The video showed that the plant is currently under construction. Elon Musk had recently surpassed the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos to become the richest man in the world.

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Musk’s tweets continue to be influential. Last week, he changed his Twitter bio to “Bitcoin”. This led to a huge spike in BTC prices. He was also seen fueling the GameStop phenomenon happening between the Redditors and hedge funds.

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