Emily Ratajkowski Livid At “Blonde” For Glamorizing The Pain Of Women

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski made it very clear that the biography on Marilyn Monroe that Andrew Dominik directed is glorifying the exploitation of women.

Emily Ratajkowski Feels Society Is Obsessed With Female Abuse

Emily Ratajkowski told TikTok that even in death Monroe has been maligned. The movie has Ana de Armas in the lead. Though Emily Ratajkowski hasn’t seen the film yet, she feels society at large is fixated on women’s torture and exploitation.

Emily Ratajkowski is the author of My Body and she says that she has learned to work around her insecurities and weaknesses. Emily feels knowingly or unknowingly we are always portraying ourselves as the underdogs. We need to change that this instant. We have to take control of our lives and not be intimidated by anyone. Even before watching the movie she had decided to be miffed and upset. 

Courtney Stodden, 28 too lambasts the movie and says it is disrespecting the dead. The singer says she knows what it feels like to be abused and be made the butt of the joke. It is absolutely demeaning and low. 

The Andrew Dominik movie Blonde has soared to the top of the Netflix movie chart and is doing very good business. Stodden has pleaded with people to boycott the movie. She said Monroe has been presented in a way that she was not. They have made a mountain out of a molehill that is very derogatory and cruel as she is not even around to defend herself.

The legendary actress has been painted as a lusty and unscrupulous woman.

From the time of its release on Sept 16, Blonde has been criticized vehemently by a cross-section of society. Many have demanded that the movie be boycotted. Marilyn Monroe’s sexism has been so hyped up that it is bordering on indecency and defamatory