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Eminem Confused His Fans In His New Album

A new music video of one of the most popular rappers of the world, Eminem, caused his fans to fall into the pit of confusion. The name of his song is ‘Higher’ and that of the album is ‘Music to be murdered by – Side B’. the video of this music caused his fans to think that the rapper was venturing into the world of martial arts and was going for a competition.

Eminem As A Fighter

A short clip of the music video of Eminem was shared on the platform of the UFC at the Friday pre-show of ESPN. The pre-show was for the match that was to be held between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor on Saturday. The match was to take place in Abu Dhabi.

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There was a segment that revealed a mock interview that was taking place between Michale Eaves, the anchor of ESPN, and Dana White, the boss of UFC. The both of them were seen discussing the chances of Eminem getting involved in a fictional fight. At the end of their conversation, the rapper is seen entering joining them. He then interrupts them. Eminem goes on to tell them that it does not matter whatever opinions the both of them hold with regard to their conversation.

This interview then went viral on social media. it caused the people to think that the video clip was not scripted at all. They help the opinion that this had nothing to do with the upcoming music video of Eminem. The video is a fake interview in reality. It is all a part of the music video. The interview interrupts the music video. Eminem plays the role of a fighter prepping for his upcoming match. The new album was released on 18th December 2020.

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