Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) Stock Price Makes Negative Move Of -0.52% From Previous Day’s Close

EPD stock
EPD stock

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) Stock closed at $17.12 in the last trading session. This marked a -0.52% negative move from the previous day’s close. On the other hand, EPD stock price suffered a narrower downward move than S&P 500 that showed 1.63% of daily loss. Dow Jones also made a loss of 1.44% on the same day along with NASDAQ that lost 1.65%.

The midstream energy provider services company stock made a gain of 3.43% in the last month. While the oil sector lost about 7.72%. S&P 500 had made a gain of 2.86% in the last month.

Zacks Investment Research Brings Out Consensus Estimate Report On Current EPD Stock Prices

EPD stocks
EPD stocks

Wall Street analysts claim that EPD stocks might show positivity near to its upcoming earnings report that is likely to be reported on the 28th of October, 2020. According to Zacks Investment Research’s consensus estimates, Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) is expected to announce $0.48 EPS (earnings per share) for this fiscal quarter.

Compared to last year, the earnings of this year show considerable change. According to current statistics, the firm might announce a 4% negative year-over-year rate of growth.

Zacks’ consensus estimate suggests that EPD’s whole year’s earnings will stand at $2.08 per share for this ongoing financial year along with a yearly revenue of $27.03 billion. This represents that EPD stock price’s year-over-year difference is approximately -3.26% and -17.55% respectively.

Zacks has provided this data after doing a survey on analysts that provide expert coverage for EPD. The calculations are based on a mean average from the analysts’ reports.

Latest EPD Stock Valuation Metrics

According to EPD stock’s current metrics of valuation, the EPD stock price shows considerable profitability in the upcoming future. Zacks has developed a ranking pattern to rank company stocks ranging from “Strong Sell” to “Strong Buy”. According to this Zacks’ estimate scale, “1” stands for Strong buy whereas “5” stands for strong sell. Stocks bringing in an annualized +25% is tagged under rank “1”. Under this system, Zacks ranks EPD stocks as “3” rank. This is the equivalent of a consensus estimate of a “Hold” rank.

EPD stocks are trading at a premium rate at the present moment. This is also clear from other metrics proposed by Zacks in a report on Enterprise Products Partner (EPD) stocks. The company’s price to earnings (PE) ratio currently stands at 8.29. The average forward price to earnings ratio of EPD stocks stand at 6.86.

There might be changes in the actual earnings report than the information provided in the consensus estimate on EPD stock prices. These changes represent the ever-altering nature of business trends.