You Will Now Be Able To Stream Games From Your Xbox One to Your iPad Through this Microsoft Xbox App

Microsoft Xbox One
Microsoft Xbox One

The app update for Microsoft Xbox has gone live now for iPadOS and iOS, which is going to allow several Xbox One owners the ability to stream their games from Xbox One to their Apple Devices. This new feature has been made available on the App Store, and it also includes a feature for remote play- which will help them use their iPads or iPhone as a console to play the games. Remember, this remote play is quite considerably different from the service of Microsoft xCloud- as that allows games to be streamed directly from various servers rather than the console of your Xbox One. The features are quite similar to the Remote Play for PS4 that Sony owns- something that is available on both iOS and Android. 

What Are the Features of this New Microsoft app that Would Allow Users to Connect their Xbox One to their Apple Devices?

There are a few limitations to this App- it will allow you to support games that are strictly for Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, but you wouldn’t be able to use the games of Xbox 360, and other Xbox Games on this – streaming it remotely to your iOS, iPadOS, or Android devices. This app will also have the ability to access one’s Xbox One console via Wi-fi, or through a 5G connection. This app from Microsoft allows you to take absolute control over the Xbox at your home, when you can use the console from somewhere outside too. The Xbox One initiates without any light or sound, and after you disconnect- it reverts to a standby position. 


Microsoft Xbox One
Microsoft Xbox One

There has been a new Microsoft Xbox App for Android too recently, and this was quite similar to the updated version for iPhone- including the same design. This app also helps people connect their new Xbox Series X, and S consoles- allowing them to download or share screenshots, and game clips. One could also manage and delete their storage capacity from this app. The app for Xbox has turned out to be a much faster version of the earlier version for iOS, and it has been quite similar in resembling the UI which is across all Xboxes in general. The design is all ready for a grand launch by Microsoft on the 10th of November. 

What Are the Shortcomings of this Microsoft App?

There are a few shortcomings for this Microsoft app- one that it doesn’t allow the updated app to change any situations for the xCloud. While Apple did extend some form of an olive branch that would allow Stadia and xCloud to function, it also meant that Microsoft had to submit every single one of its games individually- registering them as separate apps for the Xbox One. 

Let’s just say, it is more trouble than it is worth for the giant tech company when it comes to Xbox One.