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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

ESPR Stock Is Expected To Issue Its FY2022 Earnings Of $4/Share

Esperion Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ESPR) is expected to release their per-share earnings for the financial year of 2022 on 13th January by Jefferies Fin. Group. Jefferies is expecting them to post a $4/share earnings for the upcoming year of 2022.

Esperion Therapeutics had last posted the results of their earnings to be $3.07/share that surpassed the $3.52 consensus estimate by Zacks by almost $0.45 for this quarter. The company has a negative equity return of 629.88% along with a 46.15% net negative margin.

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The firm had a $3.83M revenue in this quarter as compared to the $4.04M estimate. In this very same quarter last year, they had earned an EPS of $2.52. Their revenue on an annualized basis during the quarter was almost 290.7%.

On Friday, Esperion Therapeutics had started from $26.75 at the stock market with the market cap being $745.71M. They have a -6.95 ratio of PE and 1.48 beta. Their lowest in 52 weeks is $23.90 while the highest in 52 weeks is $76.98. Their 50-day rolling average price is $28.76 while the 200-day rolling average price is $34.65.

Undertakings Of ESPR Stock

Bank of America has decreased the price objective of ESPR shares to $35 from $52 and demoted the rating to ‘neutral’ from ‘buy’. Credit Suisse increased the rating to ‘outperform’ from ‘neutral’ and assigned a price objective of $45. JPMorgan Chase and Company issued a price objective of $35 and gave a rating of ‘sell’. The company has the consensus ‘buy’ recommendation with a $76.08 price objective.

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Brinker Cap. Investments acquired new holdings in ESPR stock that is worth $220,000 shares. The Ohio Retirement System of Public Employees increased their stake by almost 103.6%, owning $1,479,000 worth of shares. Cubist Strategies raised their position by nearly 773.3% and own shares priced at $779,000. Weld Cap. Management promoted its stake by approximately 125.9%, owning $733,000 worth of shares. Charles Schwab raised their stake by roughly 5.2%, owning shares priced at $6,618,000.

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