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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Super Nintendo World Grand Opening Got Delayed

An elevation in Covid-19 cases across the country suggests that the Super Nintendo World theme park would not be opening in February. The time has come for hitting the button of reset. During the coronavirus pandemic, all the theme parks around the world got closed or had to alter plans, or in some other cases, got closed over again.

Now, the brand new Japan theme park which was scheduled for opening next month had its opening in February delayed because of a high surge in coronavirus cases. The Super Nintendo World opening at Japan’s Universal Studios which was scheduled for 4th February got delayed indefinitely, according to reports from Bloomberg. The news appears after Japan was forced to expand its emergency protocols for including the prefecture of Osaka, the place where this theme park is placed.

Organizers Are Losing Their Heads Over The Opening Of Super Nintendo World

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These emergency protocols will be continuing till at least 7th February. The new date for opening this theme park has not been decided yet. The organizers are feeling a little bit queasy regarding the lifting of the emergency protocols before they finally decide on the new date for opening the Super Nintendo World. A few days ago, Japan’s Universal Studios launched the theme park’s virtual tour for making the fans excited about its opening which remains delayed for now.

The tour started with users getting a glimpse of the area of the park which is based on the Super Mario franchise’s Bowser’s castle. This theme park’s attractions are originally based on a few of the most popular characters and properties of Super Nintendo World with a special emphasis on Super Mario, the mascot of the company. The rides are designed for recreating experiences for the guests from games such as “Yoshi’s Adventure” and “Mario Kart”.Universal Studios have also planned on opening a similar theme park in Florida’s Orlando.

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