Ethereum Gets Rare Opportunity To Promote Their Virtual Stack


Ethereum is soon going to merge their Eth 2.0 with Eth 1.x and during this merger phase, some of the functions might be deleted from the platform.

The new hard fork of Eth 2.0 has already been chalked out and following this the attention is now upon the merge of Eth 2.0 with Eth 1.x. In addition, they are also trying not to lose their ongoing momentum due to this merge.

Changes In Ethereum Due To Merge

In order to keep their momentum going, Vitalik Buterin came up with a proposal of making some more changes to the Ethereum network while the merge is taking place. This is mainly due to the reason that most people will not be witnessing any further changes in the network for a long time after this.

Buterin has already informed about their move of cutting down less useful and harmful functions through 2 posts on the All-Core Developers blog on 24th February, Friday. He also emphasized the opcodes that are utilized in the EVM or Virtual machine of Ethereum.

The function of SELF-DESTRUCT in the EVM has failed to achieve its purpose and made it tough to shift to another storage state format in the future time. Many users also use this function to obtain discounts. Thus this function will be modified to make the process easier and better for all users.

Buterin also mentioned that EVM changes will take place with several warnings beforehand.

‘Zelda’ is the Eth 2.0 validator that was started on 17th February and earned almost $61.80. The annual return is expected to be nearly 7%. However, it registered a loss of approximately $3.45 value of Ether.