Euler Finance Offered To Hacker To Keep 20Million Dollars Or Face The Law

Euler Finance

A hacker has recently committed a flash attack and got 196mn USDs from Euler Finance in the Ethereum-based lending protocol on 13th March. This non-custodial lending protocol by Euler Fiannce is trying to get a better deal with the hacker. The Euler Finance have asked the hacker to return 90% of the money stolen within the next day or he will face legal consequences.

the crypto Finance has sent this ultimatum to the flash loan attacker who have hacked their platform and took 196mn dollars without transferring any ethereum and also left a message for the labs on 14th March. This threat from the law enforcement arrives as the firm sent a civil message to the hacker. It said that the labs understand who is accountable for the attack on the labs. They said that they are leaving this message for him to see if he will be speaking to the Euler Finance for the next steps.

Euler Finance Gave Ultimatum To Hacker:

This request if the hacker grants it will bring 90% of the stolen funds back in the company’s wallet and the remaining will be the hacker’s to keep which will also be almost 20mn USD. Euler Finance has said that either this or they will take actions against the hacker.

The observers of the situation revealed that if he were to be the hacker, he would have said that anyone who can track him down will get paid two million dollars not to leak that information to Euler finance. Euler Finance has revealed that they are already working with the law officers and also with other blockchain intelligence platforms to track down the hacker. However, they haven’t had any luck in the whole process so far.