Darius Jackson And Girlfriend Shared New Photo Of Their Baby

Darius Jackson

Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer have recently announced the birth of their son Leodis “Leo” Andrellton on 27th February. The couple has recently shared the first snap of their baby boy and apparently Darius Jackson is enjoying his duties as a father. Darius Jackson shares his child with Keke Palmer.

In a sweet snap of the baby, it was seen that the baby was gazing straight into the camera as he lay on the table in a doctor’s office. Referring to the calm expression of the child, Darius wrote that these moments in the snap will make the other moments absolutely worth it for the new parents.

Both Darius and Keke has announced the happy news back in the day of the birth of their son. The Emmy Winning actress after entering motherhood shared the first of their family photos on Instagram. Palmer on her story addressed her son welcoming him into the world.

Darius Jackson And Keke Palmer Welcomes Their Baby:

In the first slide of the photo dump, Palmer was seen with partner and the snap is captioned with only forty-eight hours of being a parent. For the next slide she was seen singing “Someone” by El Debrage to her partner, Darius Jackson as that was in their playlist from when they first started dating each other.

Palmer also said that they became someone for each other and they made a new someone together. She also shared some of the family photos in the hospital with a close-up of baby Leo. Keke Palmer shared her journey to motherhood.

Keke Palmer, the partner of Darius Jackson revealed her pregnancy while being the host in Saturday Night Live in last December for the first time in her career.