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Eva Mendes Fights Back With “Fan”

Eva Mendes made headlines last week when she announced her hiatus from social media. It took her more than 2 million followers by shock, her absence. But then she gave her explanation, and it made all of our hearts melt in awe. The “Hitch” actress has two children, daughters. She shares them with her husband, also an actor and golden globe winner, Ryan Gosling. She had already been absent from the platform. But then had posted about the reason for her absence. 

She had posted the snap of a tweet that said, “let kids call you out.” She then below in the caption explained that she had been spending too much time on social media and posting. Once, while she was on her social media platform, her younger daughter told her that she was spending “too much” time on her phone. It made her realize that she has to be present for her kids.

Eva Mendes Speaks Out To “Fan”

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Eva Mendes, 46, returned on the social media platform momentarily, plainly to greet one of her friends for their birthday. That’s when fans, who saw her posting also began commenting and asking for the reasons for her absence. But soon, one of them said that the actress had got “work done” on her body. This was a dig at “plastic surgery.” 

Another user had actually commented on the post, asking the actress why she was absent on the social media app. But before Eva could get to her, another user reached out and replied that the actress had gotten some things “done.” The user further spoke that she was not as happy with the “work” and did not understand the motive as she was “beautiful” before. 

Eva Mendes turned to the user who had commented about the “plastic surgery” by saying she wasn’t even sure why she was responding to the user at all, but she did anyway. She also stated further that she could not “juggle” special media with family. 

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Other users praised her decision on Instagram.

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